We raise members to be devoted to God, to be firm in fasting and prayer and walk in the supernatural, teaching and encouraging them to function in their callings and gifts.


We engage in sound bible-based teaching and exhort and commit members to reach out in corporate and personal witnessing, discipleship and mentorship.

Empowerment Centre

We participate in social activities, raising civic leaders, initiating social action programs, collaborate with community groups, driving personal development, with a focus on education, career and enterprise.


We engage in consecrated, celebratory, contemporary, vibrant, uplifting and edifying Jesus-centred worship. The congregation is the ‘choir’, led by multi-generational  worship teams who help engender corporate and personal commitment to worship ‘in spirit and in truth” as a 24/7 lifestyle.


We preparing people for eternity, teaching them to walk with God and in holiness, integrity and christian maturity manifesting the fruit of the holy spirit.

International / Organisational

We help plant other ministries through the KICC national forum, seeding, sending and serving until the gospel is preached in all nations.


We aim to raise kingdom millionaires by teaching biblical financial principles to our members and encourage a lifestyle of financial literacy and stewardship.